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1000 Points of Darkness
1-800-98-PERFUME Gateway
2wo Fashions
A M T E X - Partnership For Success-
a r t w h e r e
Adidas WebZine
Air Capital Birkenstock Shoos, Sandals, and Footwear
Akelo B & A Services Lingerie
Alternative Quilt Design Studio
American Textile Exchange
America's Shirt Catalog
America's Tall Catalog
Antiques by Reflections of the Past
Apparel Exchange
ApparelNet Directory
ARAMARK Uniform Services
Artist's Collar Neckties
Asian Cosmetics by Zhen
Athlete's Foot
Auburn University Textile Engineering Department
Authentic Vintage Clothing Co. of America
Autumn Garden
Avon-! believe it.
Avon-! believe it
Ball-Cap Buddy
Bar -Or Used Clothing
Battle Zone Ltd.
Battle Zone Ltd
BearWare Lederdesign
Bentgrass Golf Online Catalog (2.0)
Betsy Brazy's Unofficial
Betty Reynolds' Quilting Page
Big Dog Sportswear
Birkenstock Authority USA, Fine Footwear
birkenstocks We have the lowest regular prices on the internet!!!
Blue Armadillo T-Shirts
Bobbin Blenheim Online
bob-haircut pages
Body Pizazz
Boots Online
Boss Models
Boston Slickers
Branch Mall - 800-349-1747 #2
Branch Mall - 800-349-1747
Bras Direct - Lingerie Specialists
Bucilla Needlecrafts
Buckskin Fur and Leather Co.
Buckskin Fur and Leather Co
Burlington Coat Factory
BURRA BURRA Quilting Group
CALTIM Designs
Cat Quilts
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Chantelle Lingerie, Inc.
Charlie's Sneaker
Charm Woven Labels
Chetta B
Chic Paris
Claybourn Oilskins 1
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CNN - Style News
Come on Papas
Comfort Zone Footwear Thermal System
Copy Caps, Baseball Caps
Coquette Lingerie Inc.
Coquette Lingerie Inc
Cosmetics by Marlene Klein, a department store quality cosmetics brand
Cosmetics Counter
Costume Supplies
CostumeCon 14 in Seattle
Cottage Creek Cross-stitch
Couture's Cross Stitch Place
Cracker Jacks Bikini Contest
Création Lune
Crew Wardrobe Creations
Crop Circle Clothing
Custom Fleecewear
CWC International Hospitality Uniform Design and Manufacturing
CyberShoes FREEMAN Mens Shoes Page 1
CyberTees [T-shirt supplier
CyberTees [T-shirt supplier]
Dale's Below Wholesale Clothing Closeouts - Licensed Tee Shirts, Sportswear, Golf Shirts, Shorts, Caps, Hats, Fleece, Bl
David Enterprises Apparel
Debbie J Palmer Collection
Debbie J. Palmer Collection
Dede Moore Oriental Rugs
Deerskin Catalog
Dehner Company, Makers of hand crafted custom boots and shoes November 21,1995
Dehner Company, Makers of hand crafted custom boots and shoes. November 21,1995
Designer Software Inc.
Designer Software Inc
Designers Direct Mall
Designers Direct
Dharma Trading Co.
Dharma Trading Co
Diamond Swimwear and Bikini Online Magazine
Discover- Key West - Shop Key West
Discreet Boutique
Doncaster Fashion Clothing for Women
Dorothy Grant Ltd - Dorothy Grant Virtual Boutique
Dorothy Grant Ltd. - Dorothy Grant Virtual Boutique
Dressing Room
DSM's Main Menu
Du-Date Inc.
Duegi Sport Shoes
Duperault's D, Clothing List
Duperault's D., Clothing List
Dutch Lingerie Finest Party Page
E S Originals Inc
E. S. Originals Inc.
East West Leather
ECOLUTION - Cyber Hemp
Elaine Coyne Galleries
Electric Italy
Embroidery Central
Embroidery Directory
Empire Order Form
Enchanted Collection, LTD -- Lingerie 1
English's Bridal and Formal Wear
Falck Line
Fashion Experience Cosmetics and Skincare
Fashion Net #2
Fashion Net
Fashion UK- Issue 6- April '96
Fashion-Edge Web Services
Fawn Industries
Fenice S.p.A.
Flightless Hummingbird- Lurid Title Page
Flower Mound Design Studio
Footwear Industries of America
Fragrance Counter
Frederique Constant
Fur Online
Fur Shopping
G.C. Blucher Boot Co.
Gerber Information Systems
Gfeller Casemakers, Inc.
Gift Finder Search
Global Caps
Good Buy Sportswear
Graffoto's Custom T-Shirts Etc.
Graffoto's Custom T-Shirts Etc
Great Bear Design v.2.0
Great Clothing Closeouts!
Guess Jeans
GUS Gifts & Flowers
Halloween Mart - Costumes, Masks, Props, Body Parts
Handweaving - Leclerc Looms
Happy Feet
Hard-to-Find Needlework Books
Hartley Shirts and Blouses
HealthWear, U.S.A.
HealthWear, USA
Hector Russell kiltmaker - Quality Kilts and Highland Dress from Scotland.
High Tech Quilting
History of Costume by Braun
Hog's Breath CyberHog Shop
Hugo Boss Word Slam
Hupla! Diesel Jeans WWWow!
I C LondonFine Sleepwear, Loungewear, and Lingerie
I. C. London..Fine Sleepwear, Loungewear, and Lingerie
I.J. Fox
Inovatec Mall - Sara Kaye Presents...
International Expo (
Internet Arts and Crafts - Stitchers Source
Internet Beach Girl Contest
Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design - NTG International Inc #2
Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design - NTG International Inc. #2
Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design - NTG International Inc.
Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design - NTG International Inc
Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design - The Textile Dictionary
It Figures Lingerie, Inc.
It Figures Lingerie, Inc
Ital Graphix
J. Garcia Water Wear
JAMIN' Leather Catalog
Japanese Weekend
Jhane Barnes Inc.
Jhane Barnes Inc
JJ Maes, Belgium
Joe Boxer, hands of fate
Joe Boxer, hands of fate . . .
Johnson & Johnson #2
Johnson & Johnson
Johnstons of Elgin
K. Paternas Ltd. Knitwear Company
K.J. Schwartz & Assoc.
Kids Fashion Net
KJ Schwartz & Assoc
KSB Cyber Mall- Wild Life Hats
L.L. Bean #2
L.L. Bean
Lancaster Quilt Co.
Lands' End Direct Merchants
Leather Attire #2
Leather Attire
Lebow Bros Men's and Boys' Clothing
Lebow Bros. Men's and Boys' Clothing
Lenny Loosejocks, Inc.
LEONET - the LEONardo da Vinci NET
Levi Strauss & Co #2
Levi Strauss & Co. #2
Levi Strauss & Co.
Levi Strauss & Co
Lids Inc.
LingerieNet, Inc.
LingerieNet, Inc
Lipstick Page #2
Lizanne Publishing Company
LL Bean #2
LL Bean
Lodis Corporation
L'Oréal Menu #2
L'Oréal Menu
Louis Vuitton
Luxury Linens
M.A.D. CREATIONS Wearable Art
MacPhee Workshop
Made In Italy
Madeira Needlepoint Imports Page
MAG7(tm) - Spinning The World Wide Web
Margaret Minsky Sewing
Marie's Needle Art
Marilyn Miglin
Mary Lee's Quilting Corner
McCall's Menswear
Media Clearinghouse
Men's socks, footwear, hosiery catalog and cartoon...all in one! Cyber.outfitters #2 Cyber.outfitters
Mileta TOG 24
MILIEUX- Online Costume Sources-Supplies
Miss America
Miss Internet
Mobil 1 Race Gear Catalog
Moccasin House
Model Search Magazine, Inc.
Model Search Magazine, Inc
Models, Inc.
Models, Inc
Mount Adonis- Sexy Erotic Fashions for Men - Gay Web
Mozart - A special gift from Salzburg
Ms. Ellie's
MSN Feld on Fashion - Back to school sidewalk
Museum for Textiles
Nancy's Notions'
Nantucket Oils Perfumes from Cape Cod's Nantucket Island; Alcohol Free and Non-Allergenic
Naughty but Nice Access page
Needlecrafter's Computer Companion
NeedleFun Web Store
Needlework Resources
Nelson Outfitters
Net Zone
NETfiera, Aziende, Abbigliamento, moda
NetGear Polo Shirts
NetGear T-Shirts, t-shirts, clothing, gifts
NetSurfer Products Electronic Catalog
New Balance Cyberpark
new stuff inc.
News- alt.sewing
News- altsewing
News- fashion
News- rec.crafts.quilting
News- rec.crafts.textiles.misc
News- rec.crafts.textiles.needlework
News- rec.crafts.textiles.quilting
News- rec.crafts.textiles.sewing
News- rec.crafts.textiles
News- rec.crafts.textiles.yarn
News- reccraftsquilting
News- reccraftstextiles
News- reccraftstextilesmisc
News- reccraftstextilesneedlework
News- reccraftstextilesquilting
News- reccraftstextilessewing
News- reccraftstextilesyarn
Nicole Miller Online
Nightmare Factory Gift & Costume Shop #2
Nightmare Factory Gift & Costume Shop
Nine Lives Clothing Consignment Store
North Carolina State University College of Textiles
Northbound Leather
Northeast Handspinners Assoc.
Northwest International Furs
Northwest Quilters, Inc.
O.C. Monogram Co.
OC Monogram Co
Online Surf
Outdoor Traders
P.J. Walsh Ties
Pacific Moon (pager accessories)
Pageant News Bureau
Panhandle Pages - Wolf People
Paradise Lingerie Inc
Paris Lingerie
Parrot Island Store
Peace Frogs Home Page
Pegasus Originals, Inc.
Perfumes NOW! Ltd
PJ Walsh Ties Web Lingerie Catalog
Poleys Big and Tall Clothing
Proctor and Gamble
Product International Women's fashion
ProductNet Product Clothing Online
Quangs Custom Tailoring
Quillion Co. - Quilt pillows, hats, caps, gifts, crafts.
Quilt National 1997
quiltery of Allentown, Pennsylvania , amish, handmade, quilt
Quilting Page
Quilts, Quilters, and Quilting in Fiction
Quilts, Textiles and Vintage Fabrics
RackesDirect Women's fashion
REI Home Page - REI for camping, hiking, climbing, snow sports, boots, bikes, tents, boats and more!
Robe Information
Robinson Manufacturing Co, Inc.-Catalog TOC
Rob's Virtual Quilt Page
Rope Sandals
Rose's Knits Inc (wwwroses-knitscom)
Rose's Knits Inc. (
Rusty Zipper - Vintage Clothing on the Web!
S t a t e o f A r t
Schick Tracer FX
School of Textile & Fiber Engineering
Scotland Highland Trail Company
Scotland Scottish Borders Enterprise
Scrap Peddler
Sensual Fragrances
Shapiro, Rita E. Designs'
Sheer Secrets Home
Slipper of the Future
Soixante - Neuf
Solomani International
Sonie's Creations Index
Soul Cyclismo Al Dente
Spiegel Homepage- Vol 2.01
Spiegel Homepage- Vol 201
Sportswear International
St Ives Swiss Cyber Village
St. Ives Swiss Cyber Village
Staceyjoy's Knitting Stitches
starDOTstar Shopping Mall.
starDOTstar Shopping Mall
Stay Warm, Inc.
Steamed Heat of California
Steel-Weave Athletic-Wear
Sterling Embroidery Services & Computer Systems Home Page
Sweet Nothings, A World Wide Mall
T M Lewin & Sons
Technology Exchange, Apparel, Textile, Home Furnishings
Teen Home Page
telarun Tel-a-Runner Running Shoes Tel-a-Run telerun Running Apparel
The hands of fate
The hands of fate . . .
Theresa Venette
Think Big
Tide ClothesLine
Told in a Garden
Tom James - Fine Clothing Since 1966
Touchstone - Burt's Bees, Inc.
TradMan Trading Co.
TradMan Trading Co
Tresses By Annelise
Tropical Batik Beach Fashions by Margo Imports
Tsui Design & Research Inc.
Tsui Design & Research Inc
Tuffa Workwear
U.S. Screen Printing Institute's T-Net Web Site
Ujamaa Fashions
Undercover Inc.
Underwire and Bra FAQs
Urban Decay Cosmetics
US Screen Printing Institute's T-Net Web Site
Vans Shoes On-Line
Verify cosmetics wholesale lipcare skincare haircare eyecare colognes perfumes toiletries
Victorias Secret
Village Designs for the Hand Knitter
Vision Watch Brochure
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc
Warehouse Tuxedos Rentals Formals
Watch Parts Suppliers Index
Whiffle Tree Quilts World Wide Web Newsletter
Widder Enterprises
Wig Outlet (Wigs, Crossdresser, Transvestite, Transgender links)
World According to Gert.
World According to Gert
World of Transformation
Wright Life - Alternative Sports and Fashions
WWW WAREHOUSE nifty net paraphernalia, really cool t-shirts, internet goods and gift items
XactImage Apparel's Customization Home Page
X-Large Inte[r]network
Yahoo - Arts-Textiles-Usenet - rec.crafts.textiles.-
Yahoo - Arts-Textiles-Usenet - reccraftstextiles-
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Apparel-Athletic Shoes-Bran
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Apparel-ConventionsConferences
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Apparel-Footwear-Men's-Brand Names
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Apparel-Manufacturing-Manufacturers
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Companies-Apparel-Accessories-Neckties
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Companies-Apparel-Footwear
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Companies-Apparel-Footwear-Accessories
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Companies-Apparel-Footwear-Athletic Shoes
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Companies-Apparel-Fur
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Companies-Apparel-Lingerie
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Companies-Apparel-Manufacturing
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Companies-Apparel-Uniforms-Manufacturers
Yahoo - Business and Economy-Companies-Sports-Cycling-Apparel
Yarn_and_Stitches, Inc.
Yarn_and_Stitches, Inc
Yellowstone Outdoorsman
Zak Designs
ZIPPY Online
Zoe's Closet

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