Computers and Communications, Scott's Internet Hotlist

Computers and Communications

2000 Computer Crisis Information Center
3D Enterprises
3M Innovation Network
AAT-Division of Work Science
ABC - Computer Club (Sweden)
Access Multimedia Technology - Houston, Texas
Acer Group
Acer Sertek Inc, Taiwan
Acer Sertek Inc., Taiwan
ACMA Computers, Inc.
ACMA Computers, Inc
ACS Compro
Acumen Systems - 407.984.4464
Acumen Systems - 4079844464
Adaptec Info Island
ADC Telecommunications
Adept Scientific -- Technical Computing
Advanced Logic Research, Inc.
Advanced Logic Research, Inc
Advanced Micro Devices
Advanced Research Corporation
Advox Messaging
Affordable Pagers and Paging Services
Aironet Wireless Communications, Inc.
Aironet Wireless Communications, Inc
Algorithm, Inc.
Algorithm, Inc
Allegro Systems, Ltd.
Allegro Systems, Ltd
Allied Telesyn International - Lowering the Cost of Network Ownership
Amber Wave Systems
Amdahl Corporation
American Interactive Media
American Megatrends
AmeriCom Long Distance Service
AMI Associates security
AMP Connect
ANA Tech
AnaTek Corp, repair PC monitors
AnaTek Corp., repair PC monitors
Anixter Inc.
Anixter Inc
ANSI Online
Answers Help from Tek-Tips technical support forums.
Answers Help from Tek-Tips technical support forums
AP Circuits Ltd.
APC Power Page
Apple Computer
Applix Inc.
Applix Inc
Ariel Corporation
Artnet Incorporated.
Artnet Incorporated
Asanté Technologies, Inc.
Asanté Technologies, Inc
Ascend Communications
AST Computer
AT&T Bell Laboratories, Computing Research
AT&T Bell Laboratories
AT&T GIS Corporate
ATI Technologies Inc.
ATI Technologies Inc
Attachmate Corporation
Auspex Systems, Inc.
Auspex Systems, Inc
Autotime Corporation
AvA multimedia
Award Bios
Bay Networks
BelCom - Communications in the Former Soviet Union
Belgium Websoft
Bell and Howell
Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobil
Bell Atlantic Showcase
Bell Atlantic
Bell Centre for Creative Communications
Bell Labs
Bentley MAINline
Black Box On-Line Catalog
Black Lake Computer Club
Black Tower Computers - The Tower Of Computer Savings
Blueridge Technologies
Boca Research
Boffin Limited
Broadband Communications Products, Inc. ( BCP, Inc. )
BroadVision Inc.
BroadVision Inc
BroadVision, Inc. Prospectus index.htm
Burton Group
Business Machine Services, UK
Business Quality Video Conferencing
Business Systems Of America Inc.
Cabletron #2
Canadian Information Technology Catelog
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Canon USA, Inc
Caravelle Networks Corporation
Catalink Direct, Inc.
Catalink Direct, Inc
Categories List
Chip Directory
CHIPLIST 9.3 by Aad Offerman, 05-07-96
CHIPLIST 93 by Aad Offerman, 05-07-96
Chips and Bits Australia - Distributor
CIO Help Desk
Cirrus Logic
Cisco Connection Online
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cisco Systems, Inc
ClariNet Communications
Comdex Fall '95
COMDEX Photographic Tour
Commodity Systems Inc.
Commodity Systems Inc
Communications & Telecommunications WWW
Communications Specialties
Compaq Computer Corporation
Complete  Intranet Resource -  Intranet Reference Site
Compulink Information eXchange
CompuServe's Web
Computer and Communications Entry Page
Computer and Communications
Computer Associates
Computer Consulting Group - Main
Computer Guru of Palm Beach, Inc.
Computer Guru of Palm Beach, Inc
Computer Horizons Corp.
Computer Museum Auction
Computer Operations Audit and Security Technology, COAST
Computer Register
Computer System Sciences, Sweden
ComputerChat! - Interactive Chat System
ComputerLand of Western Montana
Computerworld's Center for Professional Development
Computing Research
Computing WWW
Computone Corporation
Comscire--True Random Number Generator for the PC
Comtrol Corporation
Comvision Online
Concord Communications
CONET Communications Network, Mexico City
Connector GmbH, Germany
Consultants, experts, Free referrals, software, books, videos
Control Data Corporation
Copy Pro
Cornell's True Value Hardware
Corporate Disk--Your One Stop Diskette Service Center
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
CorpTech - The Leader High Technology Company Information
CPU Info Center
Cray Research
Creative Labs
Cubix Web Site
Cult of Macintosh-, Australia
Cult of Macintosh-, Finland
Cult of Macintosh-, Japan
Custom Computers Network Services for Alaska
CyberCash, Inc
Cyberian Outpost Computer Supplies; Kent, Connecticut
Cybernetics and Systems Theory
DACOM, Korea
Data Exchange Corporation
Data General Corporation
Data Powers of Ten
Data Recovery and Conversion
dataOriginal, Sweden
DataPhone Internet, Sweden
DataSure Services
DBMS - Database & Client-Server Solutions
Db-Tech Inc.
DCI's Data Warehousing Conference
DDC Communications
Dell Computers
Delta Technology
DeltaPoint, Inc.
Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc
Diba, Inc.
Diba, Inc
Digi Intl.-
Digi Intl-
Digital Equipment Corporation, High Performance Computing
Digital Equipment, Sweden
Digital PC
Digital Technics Inc.
Disc Manufacturing, Inc.
Disc Manufacturing, Inc
Diskovery Educational Systems' Electronic Pricing Guide
Display Tech (Computers to Video)
Display Tech Multimedia, Inc.
Display Tech Multimedia, Inc
DISPLAY-o-RAMA Video Tool Box
Distributed ELectronic Telecommunications Archive (DELTA)
DPS Consulting Services, Inc.
DriveSavers Data Recovery
Dutch national broadcasting company, VPRO
ECRC European Computer Industry Research Centre
ECUC95- European Convex Users' Conference, Oct. 24-27, '95.
Eicon Technology Corporation
Eicon Technology
Electrical Outlets Inc.
Electronic Circuit Design EEB, Netherlands
Electronic Data Systems
Electronic Systems, USA
Electronics Manufacturers on the Net
Engage Communication
Ensemble Information Systems, Inc.
Ensemble Information Systems, Inc
Epson America
EQE International Web Site
Ericsson, Netherlands
ESPRIT Networks of Excellence
EveryDay Objects, Inc., database consulting
Exabyte Corporation
ExecuTrain Corporation
Expert Systems for Research
Fairfax Electronic Commerce Resource Center
Farallon Catalog- Netopia ISDN Modem
Federal Information Exchange, Inc, Scholarships
Federal Information Exchange, Inc., Scholarships
FiberCorp, Inc.
Field Day Communications
Folio Corporation Comdex Spring 95
FORE Systems Inc.-All Roads Lead to ATM
FORE Systems Inc-All Roads Lead to ATM
Fractal Design Corporation
FrameRate Labs - Campus Wide Information Systems
Franklin Telecom Corporate Overview
Free World Dialup II - Welcome!
French Institute of Computer Science
Frontier Technologies Corp - Home of the Lion
Frontier Technologies Corp. - Home of the Lion
Fujitsu Limited, Japan, English
Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu PC Corporation
Functional Electrical Stimulation
Futitsu, Japanese
Gartner Group, Inc.
Gartner Group, Inc
Gateway 2000 #2
Gateway 2000 #3
General Electric
Genovation, Inc Keypads, Keyboards, Terminals, Touch Screen
Genovation, Inc. Keypads, Keyboards, Terminals, Touch Screen
Global Village
Groupe Bull Server
GTE Laboratories Incorporated
Gulf Coast Florida Internet Company
Gupta Corporation
HaL Computer Systems
Hand Technologies Computer and People People, Business Opportunity Self-employed home-based Technology Consultants Income from Computer Skills
Hard Drives America
Harmonix Corporation
Harris Semiconductor
Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc
Help Desk Institute
Hewlett-Packard #2
Hewlett-Packard #3
Hewlett-Packard, U.S. Federal Government Server
Hewlett-Packard's Dutch Technical Workstation Users Group
High Performance Cartridges Inc.
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Hitachi America, Ltd
Hi-Tech Component Distributors, Inc.
Holographic Dimensions Inc.
Holographic Dimensions Inc
Honeywell Inc.
Honeywell Inc
Hongkong Telecom IMS Ltd.
Hongkong Telecom IMS Ltd
Hughes Network Systems
I.E.C., electronic fabrication
IBM, A - D
IBM, E - L
IBM, Lotus
IBM, M - P
IBM, Q - Z
Iconovex Corporation
IHS Web Server
i-Logix Inc.
i-Logix Inc
Industry.Net - The Ultimate Business Connection
IndustryNet - The Ultimate Business Connection
InfoLink Company (Hong Kong)
Information Advantage, Inc.
Information Advantage, Inc
Information Builders
InfoVision Technologies, Inc.
InfoVision Technologies, Inc
Ingram Micro
INS Info Services, Iowa
Insight Home Page America's Discount Source for Computers, Hardware and Software
Insight Home Page. America's Discount Source for Computers, Hardware and Software.
Institute for Global Communications #2
Institute for Global Communications
Integral Peripherals
Integrated Computer Solutions - Motif and Java Products, Training and Consulting Services
Integrated Systems Inc.
Integrated Systems Inc
Intégration en Technologie de l'Information (ITI) Inc.
Intégration en Technologie de l'Information (ITI) Inc
Intel Pentium
Interactive Multimedia Association
Intergraph Computer Systems
Intergraph International Online
International Systems Registrars Ltd.
International Systems Registrars Ltd
Internet Communication Corporation
InterNET Computer Store
Internet Disc Shoppe
Internet Security Systems, Inc.
Internet Security Systems, Inc
Invincible Technologies Corporation-
Iomega corp.
Iomega corp
Iona Technologies
iPOINT Testbed for Optical-Electronic ATM Networking
IS Robotics Corporation
IT Infrastructure Library - Contents
Japanese Information InTransNet Services
Japan-India Technology Network (JITNet)
Jeff's Black Magic Network
JEM Computers
KC Computers
Kegel's, Dan List of World ISDN Internet Providers
Kingston Technology Corporation #2
Kingston Technology Corporation
Laran Communications Online Advertising
Laser Printing and Performance Information
Lawrence Livermore Lab Computer and Communications Entry Page
Lawrence Livermore Lab Computer and Communications link page
Lexar Media CompactFlash, SmartMedia, PC Cards, Digital Film Readers
LEXIS-NEXIS Communication Center
Lexmark International, Inc.
Lexmark International, Inc
Lighten, Inc - Home of Advance
Logan Industries
Logitech Live
Lone Wolf Business Solutions Inc.
Lucent Technologies
Madge Networks
Magnacom Data Products, Inc.
Major Opportunity - Free Web Page - $0.129 Long Distance
Malin Space Science Systems
Management Systems and Training, Inc.
Management Systems and Training, Inc
MarketPro Computer Show Schedule
MARK-ITT, Communication Company, Russia
Marshall on the Internet
Maui High Performance Computing Center
MCI, Internet MCI
MediaNet Communications
MediaRing Talk!
Merisel Inc.
Merisel Inc
Micro Computer Systems, Inc.
Micro Computer Systems, Inc
Micro Sense, Inc.
Micro Sense, Inc
Micro Technology Services, Inc. (MTSI)
Microchip Technology Inc.
Microelectronics Research Center
Microplex Systems Ltd.
Microplex Systems Ltd
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft's Advanced Technology division
MIT, Laboratory for Computer Science
Mitre Corporation
Mitsubishi Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Center America
Mitsubishi Electric of America
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Morse Telecommunication, Inc
Mosaic Communications Corporation
Motherboard Descriptions
Motorola ISG Web
Motorola Paging Products
M-Tech Mercury Information Technology, Inc.
M-Tech Mercury Information Technology, Inc
Multia InfoCenter
Multics Info Page
Multimedia Systems Institute of Crete
Multiplatform Data Compression
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc,
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.,
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc.
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc
NASA, ACTS high speed telecommunications
National Coordination Office for HPCC
National Information Infrastructure Bluebook
National Laboratory for Applied Network Research
National Media Lab Storage Technology Network
National Semiconductor
National Supercomputer Center, Sweden
NBase Communications
NCRCOM (NCR Corporation)
NEC Internet Business Unit
NEC Japan
NECX Direct On-Ramp Computer Supplies vendor
NECX On-Ramp
Neo-Logic, Inc.
NETG Multimedia Training
Netrix--Networking for Bottom-Line Performance.
Netrix--Networking for Bottom-Line Performance
Netsurfer Communications
Network Appliance Corporation
Network Computing Devices
Network General
Network Peripherals
Network Wizards
Neural and Multimedia Center, Japan
Neural Applications Corporation
Newbridge Networks
NeXT Computer, Inc
NIIIP, National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocal
NIST Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse
Norpak Corporation - VBI Data Broadcasting
Novell, Inc.
Novell, Inc
NSF MetaCenter Computational Science Highlights
NTN.COMmunications Inc.
NTNCOMmunications Inc
NYNEX Connection
OfficeMax OnLine
Olicom A-S
Olicom Homepage
Online Computer Distribution!
ONSALE - Auctions of Computers and Electronics
Ontrack Software and Service
OPN- Systems on the Web
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc
OSA OpticsNet
P C Wise
P.A.S.T fully functional audio rack for the PC
Pacific Bell At HAND(sm) Sweepstakes Site
Pacific Bell Web HomePage
Pacific Bell
Pacific Telesis Group Web
Palo Alto Micro Corp Computer
Palo Alto Micro Corp. Computer
Panasonic On-Line
Panasonic Pavilion
PAST fully functional audio rack for the PC
PC Card '95 The PCMCIA Conference & Exhibition
PC Playhouse, Greenwich, Connecticut
PC User Group WWW -- User Groups of the World
Performance Systems International PSI
Performance Technology
Personal Technology
Philips Corporate
Phoenix Web - Phoenix Technologies Ltd Web Site
Phoenix Web - Phoenix Technologies Ltd. Web Site
Pinnacle Micro
Pittiglio Rabin Todd & McGrath
Power Express Battery Catalog
Power Page by APC
Powersoft Corporation
Praxis Consulting Group
Price Watch - Street Price Search Engine
Probst, Daniel; (Vortex)
Procom Technology -- Irvine, California
Proxima Desktop Solutions Splash Page
QMS, Inc.
QMS, Inc
Quicknet Technologies, Inc -  Home of the Internet PhoneJACK and Internet LineJACK
Quicknet Technologies, Inc. -  Home of the Internet PhoneJACK and Internet LineJACK
Rank Xerox (UK) Ltd.
Raritan Computer Online
RCA home entertainment
RDI Computer Corp - Portable SPARC Workstations
RDI Computer Corp. - Portable SPARC Workstations
Red Brick Systems
Remote Networking Solutions That Work (TM)
Remote Networking Solutions That Work. (TM)
Research Dynamics, Inc.
Rockefeller Foundation Study, Communications as Engagement
Rockwell World Headquarters
Russia House
San Diego Supercomputer Center SDSC GN
SAS Institute
SBC Communications Inc.
SBC Communications Inc
Scicon Technologies Corp.
Scicon Technologies Corp
Science Horizons, Inc
SCSI PR0 - Internet SCSI Resources
Seagate Technology
Search Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Comm Terms
Search Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Comm. Terms
Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Sequent Computer Systems, Inc
Sharp Electronics Corporation
Sharp Electronics
Shiva Corporation #2
Shiva Corporation
Siemens Nixdorf SNI Germany
Silicon Systems, Inc.
Silicon Systems, Inc
Silk Road Group, Ltd, Base Network Control Centers
Silk Road Group, Ltd., Base Network Control Centers
Sir Speedy
SMC - Standard Microsystems Corporation
S-MOS Systems, Inc.
S-MOS Systems, Inc
Sony Computer Products
Sony Electronics Inc.
Sony Electronics Inc
Sony Online
South Central Ohio Computer Asso.
Southwestern Bell Company Communications Inc.
Southwestern Bell Company Communications Inc
Sparco Communications
Spectra Logic
Spectra Systems
Spectrum PC Upgrades
Spica Computer Corp. - Current Product Line
SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering -- The Optics, Photonics, and Lasers Resource
Sprint #2
Stanford Computer Industry Project (SCIP)
Stanford University U.S.-Japan Technology Management
Stanford University US-Japan Technology Management
Stardust Technologies, Inc.
Stardust Technologies, Inc
Storage Computer
Storage Dimensions
Strategic Networks Consulting
Sun Microsystems
Sunset Direct
SunSITE Japan
Supercom Online
Supra InfoBahn
Swedish Institute for Systems Development
Symbol Technologies, Inc.
Symbol Technologies, Inc
SyQuest Technology Incorporated
Sys Technology, Inc.
Sys Technology, Inc
Tachyon Communications Corporation
Tactix ReEngineering, Inc.
Tactix ReEngineering, Inc
Taligent, Inc.
Taligent, Inc
Tandem Computers
TC Computers
Technical Support Alliance Network
Technocracy, Inc.
Technocracy, Inc
Technology Partners, Inc.; Outsourcing and Business Process Consulting
Technology Partners, Inc; Outsourcing and Business Process Consulting
Technology Reinvestment Project
TEKRAM Technology
Tektronix Inc.
Tektronix Inc
Teldor Wires and Cables
Tele Data Consultants
Tenagra Corporation
Texas Instruments
Tivoli Systems Inc.
Tivoli Systems Inc
Total Systems, Inc.
Trade Show Central
Tribe Computer Works
Tri-County Telephone Co., Inc. Richmond, Indiana
TTC - Quality Telecommunications Instruments
U.S. Department of Commerce Factory Automation Systems Division
UCL MICE Multimedia Conferencing European Researchers
UMI -- The Answer Company
United Technologies
United Video Satellite Group, Inc.
Videomedia, Inc.
Videomedia, Inc
Virtual Reality for Manufacturing Case Studies
VLSI Technology, Inc.
VLSI Technology, Inc
Voice Recognition Systems
VTLS Inc - Library Automation and Information Management
VTLS Inc. - Library Automation and Information Management
W3 Technology
Wall Data, Inc
Warp, not IBM's
Western Digital Corporation
Westinghouse Science & Technology Center
Whittaker Xyplex
Wi-LAN Inc.
Wi-LAN Inc
Wildfire Communications Inc.
Wildfire Communications Inc
Wiltec- Cartridge Tape Drive Systems
Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures '95 Conference
World Power Technologies
WorldTrade Consortium Weston, CT, US
WRQ's Web Connection
X Inside Incorporated
Xerox Document Company
Xerox PARC
Xing Technology Corporation
Xircom Online
XLNT Designs Inc
XMission Internet Access
Yahoo - Computers and Internet-History
Yahoo - Computers
Yahoo - Science-Computer Science
Yahoo! Computing
YIS Server, Japan
ZD Exposition and Conference Company
ZD Net Tech Locator
Zenith Data Systems Z-Connect Cyber-Journal
Accent on Computers
AMD K 2 6 http--apcmag.com8008-apcweb-news.nsf-def5c94fb1fc5ea6ca25647b00461aa4-82f697c966d660314a256602007c225cOpenDocument
AMD K 2 6 http--apcmagcom8008-apcweb-newsnsf-def5c94fb1fc5ea6ca25647b00461aa4-82f697c966d660314a256602007c225cOpenDocument
AMD K6 - 2 http--apcmag.com8008-apcweb-news.nsf-Headlines-21EE65EDFFA6CB654A2566190079BA7COpenDocument
AMD K6 - 2 http--apcmagcom8008-apcweb-newsnsf-Headlines-21EE65EDFFA6CB654A2566190079BA7COpenDocument
AMD News Release
America's Leader in Digital Home Entertainment - Welcome to DIRECTV
Answers Help from Tek-Tips technical support forums.
Answers Help from Tek-Tips technical support forums
Avalon Frequently Asked Questions
Avalon T-CNLS Dec Alpha Cluster
Beowulf Project at CESDIS
Business Week Online's Computer Room
BYTE Benchmarks
CBD Toner Recharge, Lynchburg VA toner cartridge & inkjet remanufacturer
COE - CATIA Operators Exchange - Worldwide User Group of CATIA, CADAM, and other Dassault Systemes products.
COE - CATIA Operators Exchange - Worldwide User Group of CATIA, CADAM, and other Dassault Systemes products
CompUSA Online
Computer City Internet
Computer Literacy - Online bookstore specializing in technical books, interactive training and certification
Computing Central - Home Frameset Page
Equip Online [home page]
Hand Technologies Computer and People People, Business Opportunity Self-employed home-based Technology Consultants Income from Computer Skills
Help Channel Need Help Newsletter
Help Channel Newsletter
Hitachi America, Ltd.
Hitachi America, Ltd
Hughes Mike
IBM x86 Microprocessors
IKONect Learn more about IKONect...
KBSICOM (Knowledge Based Systems, Inc)
LANL Avalon Press Releases
Mainboard Benchmark Page
Motherboard HomeWorld -
Motherboard HomeWorld - Motherboardsorg
Motherboard Information
Motherboards PC Ware Motherboard
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
PC Group's Web Pages
PC World Online August 1998 Special Report - Small Office-Home Office - Hot Picks for the Home Office
PC World Online July 1998 Features - - Godzilla-Size Hard Drives
PC World Online October 1998 Cover Story - - The Trouble-Free PC Tips, Tweaks, and Troubleshooting Tactics
PNY Technologies, Inc.
PNY Technologies, Inc
Ref(tm)... Manufacturers...
ReviewFinder - The Best Source fo Finding Reviews on the Web
Rooms With a Clue
Story How to Network Your Home Now
Story How Windows Helps Home Networkers
Story Swami Tells All About Next Year's Perfect PC
Super 7 Hardware Guide
System Optimization PC Hardware and Performance Guide!
Technology Terms Search TechEncyclopedia
TX Pro II Chipset - MB-571-ALTN-5071
UPSIDE TODAY-People Technology News Stocks
UPSIDE TODAY-People. Technology News. Stocks.
VCR Repair Instruction
Virtual World!
WebShopper Memory & CPU How-To
WebShopper Storage - Drives Hook-up a New Hard Drive
Zoom Telephonics support files

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